DIY Shearling Fur Coat


TINGETTE was founded by London-based Ting Z and launched end of February 2017 – focusing on fashion, beauty, travel and art.

Ting has owned and maintained various online magazines, blogs, portfolios and personal sites for almost two decades. Tingette is the latest creative outlet and aims to combine elements of fashion, blogging and online magazines into a hybrid experience.

See the FAQ or contact me with any queries.


Q: Who takes the photographs, edits, etc.?

A: Tingette is currently a solo effort with my boyfriend stepping in as photographer now and then. Neither of us is a professional! Styling, makeup, photo editing and compiling posts are done by myself. All travel and products (clothing, makeup, etc.) are also paid for by myself and I don’t recommend anything I don’t personally like. I use this site as a creative outlet and hope to learn along to way.


Q: What camera do you use?

A: The camera used is a Nikon D5300 with a NIKKOR 18-55 mm lens. I’m hoping to get a better lens soon!


Q: Where do you host your site?

A: I switched my hosting to SiteGround recently and have been really impressed with their fast customer services.


Q: Who makes your WordPress theme?

A: I purchased the theme from Themeforest.



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